6 May

Our outreach locations for our discipleship training schools have been finalized and I am going to India!!! We still don’t have a whole lot of information about where we will be going within India and what exactly we will be doing there, but here’s what we do know: I will be leaving Kona, Hawaii either the end of June or early July to make a nearly three day journey to India, we will be flying into Chennai which is in the southeastern part of the country, we will be working with a wonderful man of God named Pastor Daniels, and there is so much need there that we could wind up doing anything from serving in leper colonies to ministering to prostitutes, street evangelism to praying and serving in the poorest slums. They also told us that overall India is one of the most difficult outreach locations. The food is often unsafe to eat, nearly everyone gets malaria, and we have heard enough horror stories about living conditions and hatred towards white people. I couldn’t be more excited! When the opposition to a servant of the Lord is great, the Lord never fails to provide His servant with even greater strength. I am not naive enough to ignore the fact that this trip will be difficult, but I know it will be life changing. The Lord is after His lost and hurting sheep in India, and I am so blessed that He would include me in His plan to get them back.

As with most missionary work, I am entirely dependent on the provision of the Lord and the generosity of others. The outreach portion of my mission alone will cost around $6,000. Should you feel the Lord whispering in your ear to partner with me financially, I would be eternally grateful.

Please feel free to call me or send me an e-mail with any questions you may have or to just say hello.

God Bless!



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