Mark 6:31 – The Secret Place

14 May

“Come away to a deserted place all by yourselves and rest awhile.” -Mark 6:31

This simple, often-overlooked verse blew my mind this week. God thinks that rest is so important that He called His disciples, men on a mission that were so used to going full-speed ahead constantly, to “come away and rest.”

I spent this week really meditating on this verse and was amazed at all the detail in it.

First, “come away” is a command, much like “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.” He didn’t say “please come away” or “if you aren’t too busy, come away,” he commanded that they leave the business of their daily lives and go to a deserted place. He required that they put down their busy-work, that they took a break from preaching and healing. He requires of us to turn off our computers, ignore our cell phones, and step off the treadmill of life to experience His presence in the quiet serenity of the deserted place.

He also said, “all by yourselves.” He wants to have a one-on-one encounter with us, something sacred and special and personal. Of course God values relationships and community, He did in fact create them, but He also values intimacy. He doesn’t want us piggybacking on the spirituality of those around us. He wants to reveal personal revelation unique to you.

To rest… How many of us actually rest on a daily basis, let alone rest in Christ? In our fast-food world, we often want and expect God to perform on a high-speed bandwidth. That’s simply not his M.O. He is God, and He operates however He pleases. His timing will never make sense to us, but we must trust that it makes sense to Him and that’s all that matters. We need to push past the frustration of waiting and reign in our ADD and just sit in silence, waiting to hear His voice. The Bible tells us that the sheep know the voice of their shepherd, and we know the voice of God. It spoke to us before we were born and has whispered to us our whole lives, we are often simply too loud to hear it.

The secret place must be the engine-room of our lives. It is where we go to refuel and we simply can’t have an effective Christian walk without it. We need to stop making our spiritual peak of the week, the hourlong worship set before the message on Sundays. We need to cultivate our private prayer life, and to do so we must make sure that powerful quiet times aren’t special events. God doesn’t move in events, He moves in patterns. I am choosing today to pattern my life after Jesus, the Savior of my soul. It is my heart’s desire to cultivate a prayer life as powerful as His, that He would set my heart ablaze for His desires, and that I might bask regularly in the love He has for me. Will you?


One Response to “Mark 6:31 – The Secret Place”

  1. Deborah Buckingham May 16, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    Many years ago I made the decision to ‘come away with Jesus” and sit with Him on a regular basis. Honestly, it has transformed my life and there is NO other way to be transformed. The more time you make for Him the more you crave Him and suddenly one day it is not work, it is part of who you are; a new person.

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