Wait Upon the Lord

17 Jun

The single greatest thing I have learned during my Discipleship Training School so far is waiting upon the Lord. From the second I committed my life to Christ it was my deepest desire to walk in His anointing, to be in constant communication with Him, to be able to experience His power. But there is a price to be paid for the anointing. We must count the cost. We must wait on the Lord, press in, and consistently seek hard after Jesus. As a missionary, it is my heart’s longing to bring people into a personal relationship with their Savior, but the Lord has called His people to go to Him before they go out for Him. How do we answer this call?

We must begin disciplining ourselves daily to wait upon the Lord. Our emotions and feelings and desires must be laid down and we must commit ourselves to silencing our surroundings and actively listening to the voice of the Lord. It’s not about how much we feel, it’s about daily keeping at it, pressing in and crying out to our Father. We need to make ourselves present to His presence. Our Lord is faithful to reveal Himself, but He fills us according to our hunger. It’s time to get hungry.

We were born to know daily the manifest presence of God. His presence is always available, and I’m starving for it. I want radical encounters with my Savior to not feel so radical. I want intimacy with my Lord to be normal. I was created to be in a relationship with Him, anything else is contrary to my design. I have committed to ceaselessly seeking God for more. I have resigned to being addicted to His manifestation every day of my life. Have you?

God has more for you than you have now. He has more to show you. He has ideas, dreams, and gifts for you that He is waiting to pour out, things more beautiful than you could ever imagine. But we have to be willing to do something you have never done in order to gain something we have never had. In order to have intimacy with Christ, we have to deny ourselves of worldly pleasures. We have to take up our crosses daily and be willing to follow Him wherever He asks us to go.

What have you never done for God? Ask Him what He would have you do in order to become closer to Him. Does He want you to fast, take a day of silence, or be extra generous in your tithing? Maybe He is simply asking for ten extra minutes of your time each day. Ask Him… and obey. Step out in faith and keep with it. God is a God of breakthrough. He will meet you, and He will fill you, but you must be hungry.


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