India Through the Lens of a Child

29 Jul

I often pray that the Lord will restore the innocent eyes of my youth, that He will remove the filthy screen through which I see the world, tainted by 21 years of experiences. I never thought that photography would be His means of answering my prayers. Today I sat in front of my computer, browsing through the thousands of photos I have taken in my 26 days here in India. I have certainly been blessed with many opportunities to take some truly incredible photos during my time here, but it wasn’t the National Geographic worthy photos that caught my eye today. It was the photos taken by the children that I entrusted with my camera. They took turns taking pictures while I sat on the porch and played five stones (similar to jacks) with them. They even got some really silly ones of me learning one of their traditional Tamil dances. And they’re nothing spectacular, especially not on any technical level, but they have a raw innocence about them. Through the blurriness and bad exposure they reveal the things a child sees, the things precious to the precious ones. And for whatever reason, they speak deeply to my soul. I hope they speak to yours.


2 Responses to “India Through the Lens of a Child”

  1. PeACEMAKER August 1, 2010 at 10:43 am #

    Like these photos very mcuh. I viewed some of HeartSight Studio photos also (not all because they take a lot of time to load). These were all clicked by you? They are really amazing.

    • erikaearl August 2, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

      Yes, myself and my partner Caesar. He specializes in product and commercial photography and I love weddings and portrait, though we both are capable of doing either. Thanks for your sweet compliment! Be blessed.

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