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He is Jealous for Me

25 Sep

“I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God who will not tolerate your affection for any other Gods. ” -Exodus 20:5

Just as a husband who loves his wife desires her whole-hearted devotion and unwavering loyalty, so the Lord desires to be the exclusive lover of us, His bride. We all know and understand the 7th commandment, “Do not commit adultery.” (Deuteronomy 5:18), but how have we adulterated our marriage with God?

In the book of Hosea the Lord likens wayward Israel to a prostitute in unholy pursuit of other lovers. Israel had defiled its covenant with God by worshipping other Gods. All too often we mistakenly write off idolatry as a thing of the past, a problem irrelevant to our day. An idol is anyone or anything that dethrones God from the place of highest priority in our lives. So who or what is your mistress? Your boyfriend, career, wealth, lust, comfort, ingratitude, pride, sarcasm, etc.?

Sadly, we forget that all good things come from the Lord. We forget to worship the Creator and instead put our faith in the created. Even still, our God waits patiently for the return of His bride, the day when her eyes will no longer stray from His perfect glory. He is jealous for you, His beloved child. His love is enough for you. His grace is sufficient, His power unmatched.

Remember your marriage vows with Him. He has never forgotten.


The heart that truly loves never forgets…

11 Sep

She’s Somebody’s Baby

4 Sep

There are many injustices happening around us in this world today, but the injustices against women really grab my attention. Each woman in this video has a story, she has hopes and dreams and loves. She has pain and sadness. She has potential. And though the world may tell her otherwise, she also has worth. Please pray for the love of God to rain down on these women, His precious daughters.

Highlights From India

2 Sep

Please take a moment to watch this video I made with some of the highlights from my time here in India. As my journey in India comes to a close, I will be sad to say goodbye to the friends I have made here and to this place I have come to love, but I can’t wait to again reunite with my friends and family back home. I will return to Kona, Hawaii after our debrief in Singapore in mid-September, and then visit my family and friends in Southern California for a few weeks before returning back to the missions base in Kona to work with the Sex + Money Project. Sex + Money is an upcoming documentary exposing the horrors of sexual slavery in the United States. It is my greatest honor to be a part of such an important project. I have decided to follow Jesus. No turning back, no turning back.

All my love,