What’s on my heart this morning… A random collection.

16 Feb

During my Discipleship Training School at YWAM I was required to read the book Spiritual Warfare for Every Christian by Dean Sherman. The principles I learned in this book and during my DTS have stayed with me, but the importance of the practical application of these principles often gets lost in the shuffle of day to day life. One such principle is that of moving in the opposing spirit of darkness. In his book Dean says, “Living in the opposite spirit means that when we see greed prevailing in a situation, we become generous… It also means that if we encounter depression, we decide to praise God and rejoice in all things. If we live in the opposite spirit, providing the opposite influence, we will break down these opposing powers. God is not calling us to act occasionally in response to powers, but to daily live whole, complete lives of spiritual warfare. By continually living in the opposite spirit before the powers of darkness and before people, we break through and change what’s there.” (pg. 109)

We are called, as believers to live our life in constant opposition of the works of the enemy, proclaiming the prevailing Kingdom of God in all situations. In despair, we hope. To slander, we compliment. To gossip, we are silence. In poverty, we declare provision. To sickness, we proclaim health. To death, we breathe life. To immorality, we are purity. To lies, we speak the truth.

This will not happen on accident. We are in a battle, and the greatest battles of history were not won on accident. They were won through preparation, strength, courage, and intentional strategy. We must be prepared. Our strength is gathered in the preparation. Our time in the quiet place trains us and fills us for battle. A warrior on empty is powerless. I, honestly, have neglected this lately. I have been living my spiritual life on past acquired knowledge, trusting this to carry me. It doesn’t. Your past experiences with Jesus serve as wonderful roots to plant you deeply in the soil, but no passerby ever admired the beauty of roots. Roots alone do not produce fruit, nor do they grow. In fact, they are rather ugly on their own.

This morning I spent some much needed time with Jesus. I had really missed Him. It’s amazing what a good friend He is – the kind that you just pick right back up with, like you never ever neglected them to begin with. He refilled me for battle. He steadied my hands for His work. He reminded me that we must live our spiritual life on fresh revelation, not on past knowledge. Past knowledge doesn’t touch your heart.

Back to the point…

When you’re running on empty it’s possible to “follow the rules”, but never to powerfully oppose the enemy. Gossip gets to you. Slander hurts you. Foul language you hear will infect you. Poverty overwhelms you. Sadness has a leg up on you. We were never meant to live this way. We were created to be overcomers. The children of the King proclaim His territory wherever they go. They, bear His name, His seal, and His power. And as we again remember this truth, we can literally feel His Spirit rise within us. The roaring Lion of Judah stands proudly. Our eyes become bright with the fire of His presence.

Watch out world. It’s going to be a powerful day.


3 Responses to “What’s on my heart this morning… A random collection.”

  1. Annette February 16, 2012 at 2:08 pm #

    Really love this!!! Thanks for sharing Erika!

  2. La Vonne Earl February 16, 2012 at 2:14 pm #

    Beautifully written our daughter of God.

  3. britain February 16, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    Wow Erika, amen! What truth you’ve shared, may we all stand a little taller, reach a little further, and always remember Him. Inspiring, thank you!

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