How we found out!

21 Sep

Baby Ulrich was very elusive in his or her first few weeks of life. I was late on my monthly cycle and since we had been trying I immediately rushed to the grocery store to get a pregnancy test. The box will tell you that the test is something like 99% effective by the time of your first day of your missed period. Well I am a part of that special 1% because one week and 6 pregnancy tests later I was still getting results that we did NOT have a baby on board. Encouraged by my incredible sister-in-law Jenny, I waited a bit longer before determining in my mind that I was not pregnant. Sure enough, one week later I took a test on a whim. As that faint vertical pink line began to appear I couldn’t believe my eyes! It got darker and darker… And there it was! Pregnant.

I called Michael twice in a row at work hoping he would answer. He whispered, “What’s up?” on the second try. I said, “Guess!” I guess the excitement in my voice must have been a giveaway because he knew right off. We shared in the excitement over the phone for a few moments before Michael returned to work.

And I was immediately changed forever.

The beginning of the rest of our lives…


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