28 Apr

Since starting this blog just over four years ago (yes FOUR!), many incredible things have happened. Here’s the highlights… My life was radically changed during a season of full-time missionary work in India. I came home to Orange County, CA. I met an incredible man who loved Jesus with all his heart, worked heard, and had a really big brain that challenged me to keep up. I married him. I got a job. A real job. The kind you wear a pantsuit to and starts at 9 and ends at 6 every day. Shock: I liked it. A lot! And I was good at it. The hubs and I saved our money and bought a house. The hubs changed jobs. So did I. We loved each other (still do!). We decided we wanted to have a baby. We got pregnant! We had a baby. I retired from my 9-6 pantsuit routine and picked up a new job: MOM. I fell in love with photography again. I opened a photo studio in my home. I got more work than I could handle (praise Jesus!). My son turned 1 (crazy!). And I… I turned 25.

Which I realize isn’t really that big of a deal. It’s not. I totally doesn’t put me in the “old” category (which I think you only end up in if you want to). But it still is a bit of a mile-marker that makes you take a look at all the ground you’ve covered… and all that lies ahead. I’m incredibly proud of all I’ve done in my little life. I feel so fulfilled in motherhood. It’s really the greatest, most honorable title I’ve ever held and I absolutely love it. But there’s also things I’ve always wanted to accomplish that are still left undone. Silly things, really, but they’re still there. Things like: get 6-pack abs, feel totally 100% confident in a bikini, feel like I’ve defined my style and honed my skill fully in photography, learn how to cook really well, grow a garden, get rid of my acne, be more fashionable, read more, learn to surf. Silly things.

But if they’re so silly and simple, why haven’t I done them? And they aren’t silly – to me, at least. So I made a list and got started. Here’s to 25 and being more “myself” than I’ve ever been. What is it you’ve always wanted to do? And what excuse do you need to put to bed so you can finally get going?


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