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How we found out!

21 Sep

Baby Ulrich was very elusive in his or her first few weeks of life. I was late on my monthly cycle and since we had been trying I immediately rushed to the grocery store to get a pregnancy test. The box will tell you that the test is something like 99% effective by the time of your first day of your missed period. Well I am a part of that special 1% because one week and 6 pregnancy tests later I was still getting results that we did NOT have a baby on board. Encouraged by my incredible sister-in-law Jenny, I waited a bit longer before determining in my mind that I was not pregnant. Sure enough, one week later I took a test on a whim. As that faint vertical pink line began to appear I couldn’t believe my eyes! It got darker and darker… And there it was! Pregnant.

I called Michael twice in a row at work hoping he would answer. He whispered, “What’s up?” on the second try. I said, “Guess!” I guess the excitement in my voice must have been a giveaway because he knew right off. We shared in the excitement over the phone for a few moments before Michael returned to work.

And I was immediately changed forever.

The beginning of the rest of our lives…


Meet the Gray Family

13 Oct

Though you could hardly tell from her tiny figure, Jennifer and Shannon Gray are expecting to have their third child any day now, and today I had the privilege of photographing their beautiful family. But there is more to the Gray family than their striking good looks. Their two children, Jordan and Noah, were fabulous, cooperating with my every request, and Jennifer’s lovely mother even pitched in to help out. The couple, married for eight years, is deeply in love – not only with each other, but also with God. ┬áBoth are passionate believers in Jesus Christ and are actively involved in their local church. In a society where families are crumbling to pieces all around us, it is such a blessing to see a young family thriving on the grace of the Lord. It is my prayer that God would continue to bless the Gray family with a double portion of His love and presence, and that they would be a shining example to their community of what a family built on the foundation of God looks like.